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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Reporting Bugs


Make Proposals



We are looking for people who want to contribute to our project. Just ask what you can do.
You can report bugs at the bug tracker.
If you miss something, report it as a feature request. But a word in advance: We cannot add complete alphabeths like Chinese, Japanese or Arabic, etc. And very likely we will not do whole sets of seldom used engineer signs. Please formulate an explanation why you need this or that glyph.

You can contact us under Gillian at


We use the opensource font editor Fontforge for our development.

An ergonomic and progressive keybord layout for the German language that offers the possibility to enter many often used special glyphs directly, i.e. the true quotation marks, n-dash and minus, the versal Eszett as well as nearly all further European special characters.

Der GIMP: Free pixel graphics software with a high functionality and support of OTF and OpenType, namely GPOS-kerning and ligature substitution.

7-Zip: Free unpackager with a wide support of formats. To decompress the Libertine packages on Windows systems. Organisation that defines the international encoding tables. The website provides the tables in the form of PDF files.

XeTeX/XeLaTeX: A special Tex/LaTex-compiler which understands OpenType and does automatic substitution. See also our XeTex-Documentation. Recent versions of XeTex are part of the Tex-Live- Distribution.

„Charme of Berlin“: A small ode to the artful City of Berlin whose cultural mixture is an open space for everybody’s creativity. (Title is set in LinuxLibertine).