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Sunday, August 20, 2017

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„Hard to believe but true is the variety of Linux Libertine [...]“ „It resembles the Times and is qualitatively at least as good.“


„A typographically very felicitous and additionally free available Font is Linux Libertine – a font, which is well suitable as replacement for Times New Roman.“

„A little bit like the Times, but more beautiful. This is how one can fittingly describe Linux Libertine.“


We thank Webhosting-Franken for the generous support.

Twitter Updates – About us

“Glyphs and fonts are basic elements of our communication and fundamental to our culture. But on the other hand they are also software products and consumer items, which are commonly copyrighted and are intellectual property of large American corporations.

While in former times one used to write his letters by one’s own hand, we nowadays communicate digitally and thus require fonts for displaying of what we want to read or tell. But you will find copyrights and patents even on the most elementary fonts and often there is no support for minority languages or scientific special characters. We thus founded this project to provide you with high quality libre fonts, which can be supplemented and kept up to date by the public community.”

Philipp H. Poll

News +++ News +++ News +++News

Specimen of v5.3.0. Thanks to Santiago Rodriguez Couto for the glyph cloud.

New version 5.3.0 is available for download!

After one year we published the new version with many enhancements and updates.

Download V5.3.0 now


- Improved Libertine Bold (Small Caps, Cyrrilic ...)
- New style: Libertine Monospaced for the use in listings, code examples etc.
- Workaround in OS/2-Tabel for certain eBooks
- Reorganized Kern-Tables. TTFs with additional Pair-Kerning are now much smaller. This also solved problems with simple word processors, where kerning memory could exceed.
- Many bug-fixes: Bug-Tracker

Linux Libertine in music notation

Text in music notation doesn't play the leading part, but of course is still necessary.

Example: Libertine in musical notation (public domain):

Lively Alphabet: Linux Libertine Display

Linux Libertine Display wonderfully set in scene by László Néméth. Since quite some time László maintains a fork of our fonts that is enhanced about Graphite tables.

More information here.

Libertine Display from A to Z – Click to download PDF

Linux Biolinum in new Calender

September sheet of the Calendar
Overview set in Linux Biolinum

Every year the Aerophoto Archaeology of the Bochum University publishes several photo calendars. In the newest exemplar the publishers make use of our fonts.
»This year I made intensive use of Linux Libertine and especially Biolinum, because I considered both to be fitting«, said Bernd Lehnhoff, Aerophoto Archaeologist in Bochum. The twelve pictures in A3-format taken by Dr. Baoquan Song show medieval city centres, industrial architecture and landscapes of the Ruhr Area (see pictures). The month is set in a fat Biolinum and the days in medieval figures.
Song & Lehnhoff: »Das Ruhrgebiet aus der Luft«, 19,90 € – Verlag Gimmerthal, Bochum, ISBN 978-3-00-028557-8


Type History Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil of Type History

Our Latin script is over 3000 years old. It is related to the Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, and many other alphabets and it has undergone several striking changes in during its development.

What do Charlemagne and Gutenberg have in common? When did the age of digital typography begin? And which were the influential fonts in the various epochs? We have drawn a phylogenic tree of the history of our occidental script – an Yggdrasil of type history. Captions and titles are formatted in Biolinum.

You can download the PDF here (German version).

E-Book using LinuxLibertine

Click to enlarge

Since digitalisation has already been successful in the multimedia branch, the spread of E-books is just a matter of time. E-Book display resolution improves every year and the use of true book fonts is becoming possible. As with PDF the Epub book file seems to transfer enclosed fonts to the display device. Of course, open source fonts — in particular Libertine — are practical for publishing companies (see left). Spotter’s badge: Carsten

Here: OYO Reader with a 800x600px Sipix E-Paper display; text, „Arthur und die Vergessenen Bücher“ by Gerd Ruebenstrunk, Epub, ArsEdition

Initials for Libertine

Initial draft for Libertine

ecorated initials – though not used too often in recent centuries – are regularly requested for Libertine.

We have recently made some drafts. The glyphs are adapted to a higher point size and are surrounded by a fine borderline. Later, there shall be several background sets that can be chosen.
Please send us your proposals.

New Wikipedia-Logo using LinuxLibertine

New Wikipedia-Logo using Linux Libertine

With the latest design change, Wikipedia also introduced a new logo with a new font face: LinuxLibertine.
The Wikimedia Usability Initiative chose the Libertine font because of its OpenSource maxim, the large number of covered languages and special characters and the classical elegant style. But at first one detail seemed to be an obstacle: The crossed form of the letter W had always been a distinctive part of the Wikipedia brand. However, the Libertine's W was uncrossed. The solution was simple: The Libertine Open Fonts Project designed a crossed form of its W and and now provides it as optional opentype feature in Linux Libertine.
A short manual helps wikipedia members to localize the logo into 250 different languages.

Our Profile

We work on a versatile font family. It is designed to give you an alternative for fonts like T*mes New Roman. We’re creating free software and publish our fonts under terms of the GPL and OFL. Please have a look at the paragraph concerning the license.
It is our aim to support the many western languages and provide many special characters. Our fonts cover the codepages of Western Latin, Greek, Cyrillic (with their specific enhancements), Hebrew, IPA and many more. Furthermore, typographical features such as ligatures, small capitals, different number styles, scientific symbols, etc. are implemented in this font. Linux Libertine thus contains more than 2000 characters. In this huge amount of glyphs, there still may be small mistakes that we ask you to report for the improvement of the Libertine Font Family. You may also write us, if you would like to see a new feature added (see the section “Contribute” for details).